Book Review by Dr. David Witty MRAIC, FCIP, RPP for Planner's Bookshelf

Dr. David Witty, who was recently named an Honourary Life Member of the Planning Institute of British Columbia, has written a review of Showing the Way that appeared in the fall 2019 issue Plan Canada. Witty writes “Ken Cameron has done a remarkable job capturing the times, the nuances of life and the evolution of the man, Oberlander from an interned non-citizen to a global citizen who walked with pride and energy amongst the leaders of Canada and the world.”

Book Review by Nancy Knight, Ph.D. MCIP RPP, June 2018

One of the earliest reviews of Showing the Way was prepared by Dr. Nancy Knight MCIP RPP.  

Profile of Peter Oberlander in Plan Canada

Ken Cameron prepared a profile of Peter Oberlander for the Fellows’ Corner in the Winter 2018 issue of Plan Canada, the journal of the Canadian Institute of Planners. “Peter Oberlander’s life and work were infused with the spirit of tikkun olam, a Hebrew expression meaning ‘to heal or repair the world,’ which fitted well with his broad definition of citizenship.” English and French.

Book review in Planning West

Showing the Way was reviewed by Kristin Angello MCIP RPP in the Winter 2019 issue of Planning West, the magazine of the Planning Institute of British Columbia. “Contemporary urbanists and historians alike should read Cameron’s book and consider how Oberlander’s vision – a vision of creating inclusive, culturally-rich, and democratic cities – has shaped urbanism in Canada today.”